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Todd's Story of the Month

Tom Todd, a member of Camp 1708 contributes a story for us.  His stories are posted below.  If you enjoy them, send Tom a note expressing your appreciation.

Letters from the front
Murder Among the Staff Officers
Capitan Tod Carter
Maria Isabella "Belle" Boyd
James E. Hanger, first artificial limb
Colonel James Montgomery, Union Army (bad guy!)
These two stories written by another were provided by Tom for May & June A Masterpiece of War about Stonewall Jackson, and An Eyewitness Account of Stonewall Jackson's Wounding
Welford Chapman Bridwell (aka Clay Beauford)
Arizona Votes to Secede
Point Lookout
Rear Admiral Raphael Semmes
VMI Cadets at Battle of New Market
Brigadier General Thomas Hindman
Brigadier General William Wirt Adams

And, some extra's from Tom's Tombstone Travels.  Other interesting books are found on his website.

Dragoon Springs
King Samuel Woolsey
Silas St. John
William Anthony "Billy" Old