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Our Local Area Confederate Gravesites

On this page are listed grave sites Camp 1708 has identified of Confederate Veterans.  If you have a word processing form you can open a graves registry form in .doc format which can be completed on the computer, or you can open a graves registry form in.pdf format which can be printed and filled in manually.

Camp 1708 Graves Registrar, Larry Hammack has created a Virtual Cemetery of Arizona Confederate Burials on Find A Grave. To visit that site, click here.

For information on where and how to send the completed form check the Arizona Division's Grave Registry page.
Additionally the National Sons of Confederate Veterans Confederate Graves Registry is located here.

(Note:  Names marked with Ж have the Southern Cross.)

Adamsville Cemetery

Kennedy, Henry
Captain, Arizona Rangers
Oury, Granville Henderson
Confederate Representative from the Arizona Territory, CSA
Swope, Robert
Captain, Arizona Rangers

Flagstaff Citizen Cemetery

Dumas, David E.
Private, Company B, 10th Battalion, Texas Partisan Rangers
Manning, George Felix
Ordinance Sgt., Company B, 2nd Battalion Light Artillery, Alabama
Ж  Maxwell, Manchester
Private, Company G, 13th Tennessee Cavalry

Globe Cemetery

Wesley T. Lancaster
Private, Company D, 36th Texas Cavalry
Isom Nichols
Private, Company K, 47th Tennessee Infantry

Mesa City Cemetery

John Wood Bailey
60th Virginia Infantry
McBrayer, John
18th Alabama Infantry
Bennett Asberry McClendon
36th Mississippi Infantry
Milton Read
2nd Texas - Arizona Cavalry
Sellers, Samuel S.
13th Alabama Infantry
James M. Selby
Co C, 1st Tennessee-Alabama Independent Cavalry
(Note:  This individual has a CSA marker but appears to have served in the Union.)
Worthington, Martin
Arkansas First Mounted Rifles

Papago Park, Phoenix

Jesse Washington Ellison
Pvt., Co. E,  6th Texas Cavalry

Payson Pioneer Cemetery

Benjamin F. Cole,
Pvt., Company G., 3rd Texas Cavalry (Madison's Texas Cavalry)
Andrew McClure Pyeatt
Pvt., Hunter's Regiment, Texas State Militia
John Edward Simmons,
Pvt., Company M., 6th Missouri Cavalry

Prescott Citizens Cemetery

Blanchard, B. S.
Company F. 7th Cavalry Regiment, Kentucky

Sacaton Cemetery

Perkins, James Patton
19th Georgia Infantry

Tempe Double Butte Cemetery

Ж  Austin, Albert W.
Sgt., Co. C, Unknown Texas Regiment
Ж  Barkley, Thomas Cowan
2nd Tennessee Cavalry
Ж  Birchett, Joseph Sampson
Hunter's Regiment, Texas Militia
Ж  Cosner, Aaron W.
Private, Capt. McNeill's Co., Virginia Cavalry Partisan Rangers
Ж  Cosner, Gabriel
unit unknown
Ж  Cosner, Isaac
Virginia Cavalry Partisan Rangers
Ж  Cummings,  Jerry H.
Corporal, Nichols Regt., Missouri
Gardner, Calvin Dickerson
Corporal, Company A, 8th South Carolina Infantry
Gray, Columbus Harrison
Company E, 11th Arkansas Infantry
Ж  Halbert, Andrew Jackson
Private, Marmaduke's 18th Arkansas Infantry
Hanna, Issac Gray
Rank & Unit not known.
Ж  Miller, Winchester
Jr 2nd Lt, Company G, 17th Texas Infantry
Ж  Morrison, Jessie P.
Private, Co. C, 10th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Nelson's)
Ж  Norris, F. Coleman
Private, 1 (Butler's) South Carolina Infantry. 1st S. C., Regulars
Ж  Ridley, Alonzo H.
Colonel, 3rd Texas/Arizona Cavalry, Arizona Brigade
Ж  Sears, Eli
Co. B, Prices' & Coffee's Texas Regiment
Ж  Stewart, Benjamin F.
Captain, 15th Texas Cavalry
Warner, Ferdinand Louis
Captain, 4th Tennessee Artillery
Wilson, George Washington
Rank & Unit not known.

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