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Area Battlefield - Picacho Peak

Picacho Peak State Park Civil War Memorial Area

Historical Site Dedication

The Picacho Peak State Park Memorial Area was designated as a historical site and this sign, provided by the Children of the Confederacy, United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Arizona Historical Society was erected at the site. Click on any picture to read the text.

Located on the site is an interpretive marker (plaque below) showing the horizon with all the approximate locations where the battles occurred marked making it easy for a visitor to envision the battle as it progressed.

Interpretive Marker

Union Monument Sons of Confederate Veterans dedication
On the left is a monument erected April 15, 1928 for the Union dead at Picacho Pass erected near the site where they were slain.  It was relocated to this Memorial Area.

On the right is a dedication erected by the Captain Hunters Arizona Rangers, SCV Camp 1202.

Dedication sign Mountain Howitzer
On the left is the dedication sign of the site, dedicated May 30, 1968.

On the right Adjutant Crawford, SCV Camp 1708 is shown looking at the historically accurate 1:1 replica of a Civil War era 12-pounder Mountain Howitzer and limber donated by Ken Sprik, Cannonworks of Mesa, AZ.