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Our Honored Ancestors

Camp 1708 Graves Registrar, Larry Hammack has created a Virtual Cemetery of Arizona Confederate Burials on Find A Grave.  To visit that site, click here.

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Camp Member Ancestor & Outfit
Michael M. Agnew Pvt. Capel S. Smedly, Co. I, 15th Alabama
Matthew Gene Aparicio Pvt. John Lee, Co. F, 22 Regiment, Texas Infantry
Dean Becraft Capt. Edward James Brown, Capt. Missouri State Guard under Sterling Price
Dale Bowes Pvt. Ambrose Culpepper, Co. C, 40th Alabama Infantry
Robert Capps Pvt. John Strode, Co. I, 4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
Fred Carrington Pvt. Leroy N. Dewitt, Co. F, 22 Regiment, Texas Cavalry (1st Indian-Texas Regiment)
Richard Chall, Jr. Pvt. James Henry "Boss" Wingate, Co. B, 1st Regiment, Florida Cavalry
Roland Cipolla Pvt. Robert Jordon Flake, 2nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
Lynn Crawford Pvt. William Jameson, Co. F, 6th Arkansas Infantry
George del Castillo Capt. Isham Green Jones, Co. I, 8th Regiment, Texas Cavalry
Mark Doolittle Pvt. William E. Doolittle, Co. K, 11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
Irvin Ferguson Pvt. John N. Ferguson, Co. K, 24th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry
Matthew Flood Pvt. John Reece Barrett, Co. C, 9th Battalion, Virginia Reserves (2nd BN, Valley Reserves)
Wayne George Pvtr.Samuel Wade Young, Co. A, 6th Virginia Cavalry
Larry Hammack Pvt. Jesse T. Hammack, Co. H, 37th Alabama Infantry
Dennis Jackson Pvt. John T. Campbell, 45th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
Jim Johnson Pvt. Archibald Lewis Johnson, 9th Regiment Virginia Infantry
Col. Joe Martin Pvt. Joseph H. Martin, Co. K, 7th Kentucky Cavalry
Andrew Overby  
George Reece Pvt. John Choplin, Millard's Battalion, North Carolina Junior Reserve
Keith Roberts Pvt. Henry C. Roberts, 18th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Rich Rodgers Pvt. Franz H. Ploger, Co. A, Wagener's German Light Artillery, South Carolina Volunteers
John T. Rogers Pvt. Benjamin Franklin Cowling, Co. B, 29th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (DeMorse's)
Rick R. Spargo Pvt. James Spargo, Co. H, 52nd Infantry Regiment, North Carolina
Jim H. Skaggs 1st Lt. John Ziegler Ramsey, Col. Elisha Ford Keen Battalion, Pegs River Grays 57th VA Volunteers
Jason T. Stratton Pvt. Thomas Jefferson Jackson, Co. D, 35th Mississippi Infantry
Shane Strickland Pvt. Nathaniel Strickland, C.S. Navy, then 29th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
Robert Wilbanks, IV Cpl. William Alexander Milam, Co. H, 60th Reg., Georgia Infantry
Kent D. Worley Cpl. James Copeland, Co. I, 7th Mounted Infantry of Tennessee
Supplemental Ancestors
Matthew Gene Aparicio Pvt. Owen Brady, Selden's Light Artillery Battery of Alabama
" Pvt. Harmon Elkins, Co. I. 31st Regiment, Louisiana Infantry
" Pvt. Joseph Calvert, 29th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
" Cpl. George Cheatham, Co. L., 18th Regiment, Texas Infantry
" Pvt. Arasmus Gibson, Co. E. 20th Regiment Texas Infantry(Elmore's)
" Pvt. Dennis Key, Co. H. 31st Regiment, Louisiana Infantry
" Pvt. James Lee, Co. D. 20th Regiment Texas Infantry (Elmore's)
" Pvt. Thomas Lee, Co. D. 3rd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry
Fred Carrington Private Adoniram J. Allen, Co. E, 7th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Gregg's)
" 1st Lt. Thomas C. Anderson, Co. A, 4th Regiment, Missouri Infantry
" Pvt. Lester B. Carrington, Alabama 1st Battalion, Cadets and 1st Loomis Battalion Infantry
" Pvt. John Collier, 7th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
" Cpl. Isom A. Coston, 62nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, Rowan's Regiment, 18th Infantry
" Pvt. Levi Evetts, Bradford's Company, Mississippi Artillery, Confederate Guards Artillery
" John Kerbow, 13th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
Lynn Crawford Sgt. Robert Jameson, 19th (Dockery's) Arkansas Infantry
George del Castillo Capt. Samuel Day Fuller, Co. E, 49th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
Larry Hammack Pvt. Henry Corbitt, Co. H, 37th Alabama Infantry
" Pvt. Richard Corbitt, Co. H, 37th Alabama Infantry
" Pvt. Robert Manley Corbitt, Co. H, 37th Alabama Infantry
" Pvt. William James Corbitt Co. H, 37th Alabama Infantry
" Sgt. Humphries McKelsie Echols, Co. G, 61st Georgia Infantry
" George Sheldon Ross Ewell, Hosp. Steward, Savannah, GA
" Pvt. William Hammack,  Co. J, 37th Alabama Infantry
" Pvt. Hezekiah Jones, 19th Georgia Infantry
" Capt. Seaborn Jones, Georgia Militia
" Pvt. Eli Mullis, Co. I, 19th Georgia Cavalry
" Major George Washington Ross, Co. C, 2nd Battalion Georgia Infantry
George Reece Berry Stevens, Co. H, 63rd Georgia Infantry
John T. Rogers Pvt. Joseph P. Cowling, Co. B, 29th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (DeMorse's)

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