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Union Operated POW Camps

Listed below are all the known Union Prison Camps, some with links for further information.  Please notify the webmaster if you have information on other prisons.

The Confederate POW Camps


By Name
Alton Prison, Alton, Illinois
Beaufort, South Carolina
Blackshear Prison Camp, Blackshear, Georgia
Camp Butler, Springfield, Illinois
Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio
Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois
Camp Hoffman, St. Mary's Co., Illinois
Camp Parole, Annapolis, Maryland
Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana
Camp Randall, Madison, Wisconsin
City Concentration Camp, Hart's Island, New York
Elmira, Civil War Prison, New York
Fort Columbus, Governors Island, New York
Fort Delaware, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fort Jay, Governors Island, New York
Fort Lafayette, New York harbor
Fort Massachusetts, 10 miles South of Gulfport, MS
Fort Pulaski, Cockspur Island, Georgia
Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
Gratiot Street Prison, St. Louis, Missouri
Johnson's Island, Sandusky, Ohio
Old Capitol Prison, Washington, DC
Point Lookout, St. Mary's Co., Maryland
Check this story on Point Lookout
Rock Island Prison, in the Mississippi river, Illinois
By State
Blackshear, Blackshear Prison Camp
Cockspur Island, Fort Pulaski
Alton, Alton Prison
Chicago, Camp Douglas
    and Rock Island Prison, in the Mississippi river
Springfield, Camp Butler
Indianapolis, Camp Morton
Annapolis,Camp Parole
St. Mary's County, Point Lookout or Camp Hoffman
Boston Harbor,Fort Warren
Gulfport, Fort Massachusetts, 10 miles off gulf coast
St. Louis,Gratiot Street Prison
New York
Elmira, Civil War Prison
Governors Island, Fort Jay (Fort Columbus)
Hart's Island, City Concentration Camp
New York harbor, Fort Lafayette
Columbus, Camp Chase
Sandusky, Johnson's Island
Philadelphia (near), Fort Delaware
South Carolina
Beaufort  Note: this Camp served as both a Union and a Confederate Prison Camp.
Washington, DC
Old Capitol Prison
Madison, Camp Randall

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