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Confederate Operated POW Camps

Listed below are all the known Confederate Prison Camps, some with links for further information.  Please notify the webmaster if you have information on other prisons.

The Union POW Camps


By Name
Beaufort, South Carolina
Belle Isle, on the James river, Richmond, Virginia
Cahaba Prison, near Selma, Alabama
Camp Ford, Tyler, Texas
Camp Groce, Hempstead, Texas
Camp Lawton, Millen, South Carolina
Camp Oglethorpe, Macon, Georgia
Camp Sumpter, Andersonville, Georgia
Castle Pinckney Prison, Charleston, South Carolina
Castle Thunder Prison, Richmond, Virginia
Florence Stockade, South Carolina
Libby Prison, Richmond, Virginia
Parish Prison, New Orleans, Louisiana
Salisbury Prison, North Carolina
By State
Selma (near), Cahaba Prison
Andersonville, Andersonville (Camp Sumpter)
Macon, Camp Oglethorpe
New Orleans, Parish Prison message board
North Carolina
Salisbury Prison
South Carolina
Beaufort  Note: this Camp served as both a Union and a Confederate Prison Camp.
Charleston, Castle Pinckney Prison
Florence Stockade
Millen, Camp Lawton
Hempstead, Camp Groce
Tyler, Camp Ford
Richmond, Belle Isle, on the James River
Richmond, Castle Thunder Prison
Richmond, Libby Prison

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