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The Heroes of the Confederacy website is dedicated to the Heroes of the Confederacy.  Not just the Generals as so many sites do, but to the everyday person supporting the Confederacy - your ancestor for instance.

You were lied to just about everything and everyone. Find the truth here on the "You Were Lied To" website. It is available here.

Information on all the Union ships destroyed or injured by Confederate torpedoes and mines prepared by James Gray, SCV Camp 2160, Australia/New Zealand.

A link to the Australian Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 2160.  This site has a very nice statement on the SCV stance against hatred & racism.  Browse the entire site, they have a fabulous newsletter which is available on the site.

Official website of the Mechanized Cavalry.  Sons of Confederate Veterans who ride motorcycles have banded together into a special interest group called the Mechanized Cavalry. Members of the SCV are always welcome and encouraged to join even if they do not have a motorcycle - dismounted cavalry.

Both Confederate and Union POW camps are listed by name and by State.

Arizona SCV Camps

Camp 1202, Captain Hunter's Arizona Rangers Camp, Tucson, Arizona

Camp 1525, Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp, Phoenix, Arizona (West Valley), email only

 Camp 1647, Private Peter Hail Camp, Statewide for members-at-large, email only

Camp 1710, Confederate Secret Service Camp, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Camp 2074, Texas John H. Slaughter Camp, email only

Camp 2096, Private Nathan Terry Wanslee Camp, Stafford, Arizona, email only

Camp 2186, Yuma Territorial Outpost Camp, Yuma, Arizona, email only

Camp 2201, Borderland Veterans Camp, Douglas, Arizona, email only

Camp 2251, Colonel Thomas Green Camp, Apache Junction, Arizona

Camp 2316, Arizona Territory CSA Camp, Prescott email only

Our Confederate Heritage and Symbols are constantly being attacked by government officials, schools, local boards, and other groups and individuals.  Help us to preserve our Heritage, Symbols, and the names and honor of those who fought for States' Rights.   To report violations of our Confederate Heritage, contact the
Arizona Division Heritage Officer