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Becoming a member


For more information on the Sons of Confederate Veterans please see the website or visit the Sons of Confederate Veterans national website.


Any male descendant, lineal or collateral, of one who served honorably in the Armed Forces of the Confederacy.

Proof of Service

Proof of service is required and may be a copy of service records, a copy of a muster roll listing his name, a pension application showing service, an obituary listing Confederate service or a listing in the National Park Service Data Base among others.

Proof of Lineage

Proof of lineage must also be provided on any standard lineage form.  An application can be downloaded from the National website.  Follow the instructions provided.  Proof of lineage can be from bible records, census records, and/or birth/death certificates among others.

Where to Apply

Send your completed application along with the proofs to Adjutant, Captain Granville Henderson Oury Camp 1708, 3216 E. Carol Ave., Mesa, AZ 85204-3244.  Dues (see below) should be included.  For an application form and worksheet see Getting Help just below.

You can become an Associate Member while you are doing your research to complete your application.  Membership would then be converted to full membership once the requisite documentation is approved.

Getting Help

Camp 1708 has a Genealogist who would be happy to help you develop the requisite documentation.  This help can be invaluable.  Camp 1708 also provides genealogy links (click here) to help you.

Print an SCV application worksheet to complete and provide the Camp Genealogist for help on your ancestor.   Download an Application Form to be completed.

Yearly Dues

Yearly dues are $40.00 including the National dues, Arizona Division dues and Camp 1708 dues.  Here is a complete breakdown of the dues structure for all membership types.  There is a one time Recording fee of $5.00 for a new member.  The total to be submitted is prorated based on the time of year it is submitted.  Contact the Camp Adjutant for the correct amount.

Other Types of Membership

In addition to regular members as described above, we welcome two other classes of membership.  (see the dues structure for their reduced rates)  They are as follows:
Associate Members - those who want to participate while working on their lineage.
Dual Members - those who hold membership in SCV Camps located elsewhere but want to participate in Camp 1708.

The entire Camp welcomes you and looks forward to your participation!

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