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As Adopted on 12/10/1994 and Amended on 11/10/2006, 4/12/2012, 9/13/2012, 11/14/2013 and 9/11/2014.
To associate in one united, compact body, all men of Confederate ancestry and to cultivate, perpetuate, and sanctify the ties of fraternity and friendship entailed thereby; to aid and encourage the recording and teaching with impartiality of all Southern history and achievement from Jamestown down to the present era, seeing to it especially that the events of the War Between the States are authentically and clearly written and that all documents, relics, and mementos produced and handed down by the active participants therein are properly treasured and preserved for posterity; to urge, aid, and assist in the erection of suitable and enduring monuments and memorials to all Southern valor, military and civil, wherever done and wherever found, particularly stressing that of our heroic Confederate ancestors who, by their sacrifice, perpetuated unto us and our descendants that glorious heritage of valor, chivalry, and honor which we now hold and venerate; and to instill in our descendants a devotion to and reverence for the principles represented by the Confederate States of America, to the honor, glory and memory of our fathers who fought in the Cause.
The name of this organization shall be the Captain Granville Henderson Oury Camp #1708, Sons of Confederate Veterans.  This organization will be referred to hereafter in these Bylaws as the "Camp."
Section 1:  The Camp shall be strictly patriotic, historical, educational, benevolent, non-political and non-sectarian.  Each member shall perform his full duty as a citizen according to his own conscience and understanding.
Section 2:  Discussion of matters that appertain to a political party, whether specifically identified or identified by implication, during meetings of the Camp is strictly prohibited.  Nothing in these Bylaws, however, shall be construed to abridge or prohibit the adoption of advocacy of positions that are concerned with the general welfare of the United States or its national security, not to abridge or prohibit the expressions of the mind of the members of the Camp by the adoption of resolutions or petitioning the Executive and Legislative branches of the Government, provided that there is no indication, specific or implied, with an political party.
Section 1:  All male descendants, lineal or collateral, of those who served in the Confederate Army, Navy, or Marine Corps to the end of the War, or who died in prison or while in actual service, or who were killed in battle, or who were honorably retired or discharged, shall be eligible for membership in the Camp, provided that no member under sixteen years of age shall have the right to vote and, provided further, that no members shall be admitted under twelve years of age.
Section 2:  No one shall be admitted to membership in the Camp until satisfactory proof of the foregoing qualifications be submitted in duplicate on official blank applications prepared for that purpose.  The original shall be carefully preserved by the Camp, and the duplicate shall, within ten days, be forwarded to General Headquarters for record and permanent preservation.
Section 3:  There shall be six classes of membership with their voting rights and dues responsibilities as shown below.
Section 3: a:  Regular members; those who fulfill the lineage requirements shall be inducted, be entitled to vote, and hold office, and be responsible for National, Division and Camp dues.
Section 3: b:  Associate members are non-gender specific; those who hold the principals of the SCV dearly in their hearts, shall be entitled to vote and be responsible for Division and Camp dues.
Section 3:c:  Dual members; those who have their primary Camp affiliation elsewhere but wish to participate in Camp 1708's activities, these members shall be entitled to vote if their home Camp is not in Arizona and be responsible for Division and Camp dues.  They will be Associate Members until they show evidence of paid dues to their home Camp.
Section 3: d:  Life members; those who are recognized as Life members of the national organization of the SCV. shall be inducted, be entitled to vote, and hold office, and be responsible for Division dues.
Section 3: e:  Cadet members; those under the age of 12 shall be inducted, not be entitled to vote, or hold office, and be responsible for National, Division and Camp dues.
Section 3: f:  Friends of the SCV; “Friends” are not SCV members, may not exercise any rights of membership to include claiming to be members and be responsible for National, Division and Camp dues.
Section 1:  The Camp will meet on such dates and times as may be decided by majority vote at each Camp meeting.  The Camp will meet not less than six times per year, the number of meeting dates and the months in which such meetings will take place to be decided each year at the Annual Business meeting of the Camp.
Section 2:  Twenty-five percent (25%) of the total number of members of the Camp shall constitute a quorum at all Camp meetings and twenty-five-percent of the members must be in attendance at Camp meetings to discuss and vote on Camp business.
Section 3:  The rules of procedure at meetings of the Camp shall be Robert's Rule of Order, unless such be waived by majority vote at the outset of each Camp meeting.
Section 4:  Any member of the Camp in good standing shall be entitled to attend and vote at Camp meetings, except as specified elsewhere in the Bylaws.  However, if illness, travel, work, or other legitimate reason exist that would prevent an member in good standing from attending a Camp meeting and if a quorum has been met, then said member may deliver by U.S. mail or email his proxy to a Camp officer prior to the meeting to vote in an election or on a specific issue.
Section 5:  Annual business Meeting.  Once each year, in December, or such other time decided by majority vote of the Camp at a meeting called for that purpose, the Camp shall hold an Annual Business Meeting.  At this meeting Camp Officers to serve for the upcoming year will be elected.  Other items to be discussed will be decided by majority vote of members present at the meeting.
Section 1:  Term of Office.  Officers of the Camp will serve for a period of one year.  The Commander and Lt Commander officers of the Camp may not serve in the same office for more than three consecutive yearly terms, although he may be reelected to that office one year after the end of his third consecutive term.
Section 2:  The Camp will elect the following Officers at each Annual Business Meeting:  a Commander, a Lieutenant Commander, a 2nd Lieutenant Commander, an Adjutant, and a Treasurer.  The Offices of Adjutant and Treasurer may be combined by the election of one person to both offices, and the same with the Lieutenant and 2nd Lt. Commander, at the Annual Business Meeting, but all other offices must be filled separately.
Section 3:  The Commander shall preside at all Camp meetings, events, and functions.  He shall oversee the other officers in their duties.  He shall produce and distribute the Camp newsletter or shall appoint a Newsletter Editor to do so.  He shall enforce and carry out the provisions of the Camp Bylaws and the will of the membership as expressed in votes taken at Camp meetings.  He shall perform the duties of other Officers of the Camp in the event of vacancy of such officers, or in the event of the absence of disability of such officers or until such time as the camp can elect pro tem replacement(s) until such time as a thirty day notice of a special election can be distributed to the members of the camp for a special election of permanent replacement officers..  He shall have full charge of the conduct of the affairs of the Camp, except as limited in other parts of these Bylaws, provided that his decisions shall be subject to ratification by majority vote at each Camp meeting.  He will perform other such duties as are incidental to his office.  Should the Camp Commander resign, the highest-ranking remaining officer shall automatically assume the position of Camp Commander. If no other officer(s) remain or should any remaining officer refuse the command; the camp is permitted to immediately elect pro tem officers until such time as a thirty-day notice is given to the camp members for a special election of permanent replacement officer(s).
Section 3: a:  The Commander shall appoint such standing committees deemed necessary.  Such standing committee chairmen shall serve at the pleasure of the Commander and their terms shall coincide with that of the Commander.  Such standing committees shall include but not be limited to:
Section 3: a: 1:  The Chaplain will be responsible for the spiritual affairs of the Camp.  He shall lead in prayer at Camp meetings and events.  He shall report to the Commander upon the condition of any member afflicted by illness, and or who has passed to his Heavenly reward.  He shall be responsible for sending flowers to the families of deceased members, and for informing Camp members of the date and time of funeral services for such members.
Section 3: a: 2: The Registrar-Genealogist shall be responsible for maintaining an current and accurate file of all Camp copies of membership applications.   He shall counsel all members and prospective members in matters relating to their lineages and the proper preparation of their application papers.  He shall review all applications for accuracy and completeness.
Section 3: a: 3:  The Historian shall compile a written history of the Camp from the beginning to the end of his term of office.  The Historian shall maintain custody of all records and materials turned over to him by the Adjutant and the Treasurer for indefinite retention.  He may not dispose of these historical materials without express permission of the Camp.  Upon completion of his term, he shall turn over to his successor all historical records and materials of the Camp in his possession.
Section 3: b:  The Commander shall also appoint such short term ad-hoc committees as deemed necessary including but not limited to a Nominating Committee each October, an Audit Committee each August, and others such as bylaws, convention, and event chairmen.
Section 3: c:  Expenditures and Accounting, The Treasurer is authorized to expend funds for authorized purposes as approved by the membership either at camp meetings or expenditures that are budgeted in certain categories provided the budget or changes to the budget are approved in advance by the camp and the disbursement does not exceed the line item budget. The annual budget is to be prepared and approved by the camp for the fiscal year beginning in August and ending in July.
Designated pass-through gifts to the camp or from the Hero’s Website can be made when received provided the gift is not in conflict with the tenets of the SCV and the camp has actually received said gift. All normal disbursements procedures (a gift designation form, two check signers on a camp check, etc.) shall apply.
The Adjutant may maintain a petty cash fund in an amount not to exceed $100.00. The Adjutant normally releases funds in the form of checks, or for small amounts, in cash and presents those checks or cash for payment and conducts the external financial business of the Camp. For any cash expenditures, the Adjutant must maintain petty cash disbursal slips and corresponding receipts.
Section 4:  The Lieutenant Commander shall perform the duties of the Commander in the absence of the Commander, and in the event of the death or resignation of the Commander shall become the Commander for the remainder of the unexpired term.  He shall be responsible for the recruitment of new members, and for the selection and appropriation of entertainment and educational programs for Camp meetings.  He will perform other such duties as are incidental to his office.
Section 5:  The 2nd Lieutenant Commander shall perform the duties of the Lieutenant Commander in the absence of the Lieutenant Commander, and in the event of Lieutenant Commander vacating that office shall become the Lieutenant Commander for the remainder of the unexpired term.  He shall be responsible for Public Relations.  He will perform other such duties as are incidental to his office.
Section 6:  The Adjutant shall have charge of all records and files of the Camp, including membership application files, and will be responsible for maintaining an accurate membership roster of the Camp.  He will take accurate minutes of the proceedings at all Camp meetings, and read such minutes at each meeting.  He will conduct the correspondence of the Camp, and keep accurate record thereof.  He shall be the keeper of the Camp seal.  He will perform other such duties as are incidental to his office.
Section 7:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Camp, including the collection of all Camp and national dues and the maintenance of a Camp bank account.  The Camp bank account shall have the signatures of the Commander, Lt. Commander, and Adjutant with statement access to all three and requiring any two of the three for withdrawals.  The Treasurer shall make a report on the financial state of the Camp at each regular Camp meeting, and at the Annual Business Meeting.  He will report to the Commander and the Adjutant when any member becomes delinquent in the payment of his dues.
Section 1:  The amount of Camp Dues shall be $5.00 per year, for all classes of membership, subject to amendment at each Annual Business Meeting. .  During the last six months of the fiscal year, new members may have their dues prorated in accordance with the directions of the Arizona Division, SCV.
Section 2:  The fiscal year of the Camp shall be the same as that of the national organization of Sons of Confederate Veterans.  All dues are payable at the beginning of the fiscal year, which will be announced in the Camp newsletter.
Section 3:  Member in arrears two months in payment of dues will be classified as delinquent, and three months arrearages will automatically impose suspension from all privileges.
Section 1:  No discussion of religious subjects, nor any discussion of political subjects that are identifiable with a particular political party, nor endorsement of aspirants for political office, shall be permitted.
Section 2:  No debts shall be contracted by the Camp except upon majority vote at Camp meetings.
Section 3:  No assessments shall be levied upon Camp members other than national dues, recording fees, reinstatement fees, and Camp dues.
Section 4:  Military titles used by the Confederate armed forces shall not be given to or used by members of officers of the Camp, by reason of their being such members or officers.
Section 5:  No one may be elected or appointed to Camp offices unless he is a member in good standing with the general organization of Sons of Confederate Veterans and of the Camp.  Individuals who are members of more than one Camp may not hold an elected office in this Camp while holding an elected office in another.
Section 1:  This Camp will observe with proper solemnity all Confederate Memorial Days, whether dictated by civil authority or by local custom.
Section 2:  It shall be the duty of the Commander to call a meeting of the Camp upon days appointed by the civil authorities for the commemoration of any Confederate soldier, sailor, or statesman, and to commemorate such day by appropriate services.
Section 3:  The Official Flag of the Camp will be the Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America, the particular design to be decided by majority vote of the Camp members.
ARTICLE X:  Discipline
Section 1:  This Camp may impose discipline upon its own members by expelling them from the Camp.
Section 2:  No vote on suspension or expulsion may be taken unless at least fifteen (15) days notice shall have been given to the member of the charges preferred and of the time and place of the meeting at which such charges will be considered.  At such meeting, the member under charge will be accorded a full hearing.
Section 3:  Causes for disciplinary action shall be:
Section 3: a:  Disloyalty
Section 3: b:  Neglect of Duty
Section 3: c:  Dishonesty
Section 3: d:  Conduct unbecoming a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans
Section 3: e:  An act repugnant to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Constitution or the objectives and purpose of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Section 4:  A complete record of this action shall be forwarded to the Arizona Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Expelled members become a member at large in the Arizona Division and should the Arizona Division or the National Headquarters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans wish to pursue further action against the expelled member, the Camp will provide all documentation required of its actions to that body.
These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Camp by vote of two thirds of the total members present thereat, provided that proposed amendments shall have been sent to each member of the Camp in good standing electronically to those who have an email address on record with the Camp and by U. S. Mail to those without email at least 30 days prior to the meeting.
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