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Camp 1708 has stayed true to the purpose of the Sons of Confederate Veterans call of preserving and protecting the history and heritage of the Confederate soldier and to see that a true history of the War Between the States is passed on to future generations without promoting or condoning any political, racial, or ethnic agenda.

Camp 1708 is consistently recognized as one of the premier SCV Camps in the State of Arizona and is active in graves registration, re-enactments, Memorial Day remembrances, educational programs, Division Reunions and National Conventions.  For the third year in a row, SCV Camp 1708 was awarded the Distinguished Camp Award.  Several members also received awards for meritorious service, leadership, and a certificates of achievement.  See the Convention page under activities.

Camp 1708 has located and marked the graves of the valiant Confederate Soldiers who fought in the War Between the States that lived and died in Arizona.  The Camp has done joint ceremonies with the Buffalo Soldiers and the American Legion.  The Camp also solemnly remembers Confederate Memorial Day along with the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  The Camp also celebrates the memory of Jefferson Davis and participates in the annual Lee/Jackson Dinner.  Another new program started by Camp 1708 and UDC Chapter 966 is the Sally Louise Tompkins Nurse recognition program at the Phoenix VA Hospital.

A website started by SCV Camp 1708,, which is accumulating stories of individual Confederate soldiers and donating the proceeds from the posting fees and other contributions to national parks, libraries, museums, monument restorations, cemetery restorations, battlefield expansions, and other special projects has brought national recognition to the organization.  The Camp has raised funds for special tree plantings at Gettysburg and Arlington National Cemetery, grave markers for historic cemeteries, donating antiquarian books, maps, and archiving selective historic lithographs and engravings to local, state, and national institutions.  Over time the website has developed special relationships with national park superintendents and authors who have contributed special information and book reviews to the website.

Recently, the website received a donation of a remnant of a captured Southern Battle Flag from the Battle of Shiloh and in turn has donated it to ranger James Head.  Jim is a ranger at Picacho Peak State Park the site of the battle of Picacho Peak widely regarded as the most western battle of the Civil War.  Jim is also know as the Arizona authority on that battle.  For more information see the Archive page.

Camp 1708 is active in both re-enactments and educational programs.  The purpose of both activities is to convey information about the War Between the States.  The causes of succession and the players and places of the war are detailed and discussed.  The Confederacy was comprised of many great men like President John Tyler, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and many more who believed that the constitutions of the individual states trumped the demands of the federal government, but none of them would let the rights of their states be violated by either statute or troops.  The result was a bloody war that pitted brother against brother.

While the results of the battlefield will never be changed, the causes and the battles themselves are still relevant and are still analyzed by both study and re-enactments even to this day.  SCV Camp 1708 will always be participating in the study of those battles and the entire conflict.

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