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Camp sets an Iron Cross grave marker

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SCV Camp 1708 was contacted by a member of the UDC in Texas who asked for assistance in getting an iron cross set on the gravesite of her ancestor.  The contact was made through the Our Confederate Heros website, a project of Camp 1708.  The Camp was happy to help.

The grave is located in the Double Butte Cemetery in Tempe.  When we went to the cemetery to find the grave site we found the grave stones faced the wrong way.  They faced the gravesite behind them (toward the iron fence.)  With the assistance of the Cemetery we got the the grave markers turned around on the graves properly and the iron cross set in concrete marking the gravesite of her ancestor.

The ancestor was Pvt. Jessie P. Morrison.  Pvt. Morrison served enlisted in Co. C 10th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Nelson's).

Iron Cross grave marker