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Tempe Double Butte Cemetery

Double Butte CemeteryWhen a lady contacted this Camp wanting help concerning her ancestors grave site in Tempe.  Members of Camp 1708 went to the Double Butte Cemetery and located the gravesite, see the story on another page.

When the Camp members inspected the cemetery only three of the grave sites of Confederate Veterans had VA markers installed.  We set an iron cross in front of the ladies ancestor we located but that left another 14 grave sites of Confederate Veterans without adequate markers designating their service.

Camp orders an additional crosses for the other graves!

The Camp has ordered 1 additional crosses and will have them installed at each of the other gravesites.  Stay tuned for pictures.  The purchase of these additional crosses comes from a generous donor to our Confederate Heros website.

On 26 April 2014, Confederate Memorial Day, their will be a ceremony to mark the remaining graves.