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The Sons of Confederate Veterans is dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of the men and women who fought for Southern Independence so that future generations can better understand the struggles associated with the Confederacy.

The history and legacy of the Confederacy can take many forms.  They include: monuments, battlefields, grave markers, artifacts, books, and even artwork and graphic arts.

With respect to the latter, SCV Camp 1708 actively collects and thoughtfully donates pieces that relate to all facets of the War between the States. and the early Arizona Territory.

A summary of the pieces collected and the donations made to date are summarized below:

(Stay tuned for more coming shortly!)

Shiloh National Military Park-Shiloh, Tennessee

Battle map of Corinth

18" by 30" lithograph map of the Battle of Corinth and surrounding areas from October 3 & 4, 1862.  A more accurate description is as follows:

Original Plate XXV (#25) of the 175 Issued of The Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union & Confederate Armies, Commissioned with a Resolution of Congress of May 19, 1864, Published Under the Direction of the Hon. Daniel S. Lamont, Secretary of War, by Major George B. Davis, Leslie J. Perry, and Joseph W. Kirkley, Board of Publications. Compiled by Calvin D. Cowles, 23rd Infantry, Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1892; a copy of the Preface, Part Volume, & Title Page of which is Included. Engraved by Julius Bien & Co., Lithographers.
Shiloh thank you note.

U.S. Coast Guard Exhibit Center in Forestville, Maryland

Morris Island lithograph

The above lithograph of the siege of Charleston from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated History of the Civil War, 1895, shows the Confederate ordinance depot at Morris Island with U.S. Cutters patrolling harbor.

And another......

A picket guard boat from Harper's Weekly

A picket guard boat from Harper's Weekly, of February 13, 1864 which best represents the motto of, "Semper Paratus."

The piece was donated with a notation that it was made in the name of Ensign M. Talbot, a 2013 graduate with high honors in mechanical engineering of the Coast Guard Academy and is now stationed at Sector New Orleans. Ensign Talbot represents the same devotion and diligence to duty as her counterparts nearly 150 years ago.  She provides similar picket duties today that were performed during the Civil War.  Today, her mission is to protect the Port of New Orleans from terrorism, unsafe ships that could damage or pollute the channel, and to prevent the importation of non-approved items from foreign countries.

Thank you note.

United States Naval Academy Art Museum, Annapolis, Maryland

Laird's Rams

This piece is entitled "Laird's Rams" and is an 11" X 15.75" woodcut lithograph,  It is a view of the Shipyard at Liverpool of the Messrs. Laird, with the Rebel Rams in the River and is from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper April 30, 1864.

Thank you note.

U.S. Navy Art Collection, Naval History and Heritage Command at the Washington Naval Yard

Battle of Mobile Bay

Harper’s Weekly, September 1864, hand tinted engraving of the Battle of Mobile Bay including the C.S.S. Tennessee and Admiral Farragut’s Fleet.

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U.S. Naval Museum at Hampton Roads, VA

The ten lithographs shown above.  These pieces will be part of a special exhibit at the museum highlighting the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.  Click on any picture to enlarge.

Naval Museum thank you

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