Dennis Lee Key

Born: September 26, 1830, in North Carolina

Married: Mary L. Hart (1838-1913)

Died: October 10, 1910, in Louisiana

Dennis enlisted in the Confederacy on 14 May 1862, in Monroe, Louisiana.  He was captured on 4 July 1863 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Dennis then had to sign a document stating that he would not again take up arms against the United States.  He was then paroled on 13 July 1863.  He didn't adhere to that document though, as he went on to serve again for C.S.A.  On 26 May 1865, his regiment commanded by Col. C. H. Morrison surrendered at New Orleans, Louisiana.  They were then paroled at Monroe, Louisiana on 12 June 1865.

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