Isham Green Jones

Born in 1824 in Statham, Barrow County, Georgia, to Russell and Sophia.  He married Minerva DeWitt, daughter of Empresario Green DeWitt, founder of the DeWitt Colony Tejas, Mexico in June 1846 and they had five children together. Isham Jones, referred to as Ice Jones in some accounts, served with Capt. Caldwell at the Battle of Salado Creek which was a decisive engagement in 1842 which repulsed the final Mexican assault to retain the Republic of Texas .  Isham Jones served as Captain in the C. I. Terry Rangers/8 Texas Cavalry, CSA and served 8 months before he was mortally wounded. He died February 15, in 1867 of complications due to a bullet wound in his lung, in Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas,  and was buried in Gonzales, Texas..  Wife Minerva filed Confederate Pension Application No. 7827 that was approved by the Texas Comptroller on 20 Mar 1901.

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