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Sunshine Acres Children's Home Program

A special event was planned and held for the youngsters at the Sunshine Acres entitled "War Between the States Living Education Day at Sunshine Acres Children’s Home" on March 5th, 6th and 7th of 2015.  It started with the distribution of several thousand of these flyers.

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An evening of history!

Dixie Strings
An educational evening was planned for the staff, visitors and children including a musical presentation of period music by the Dixie Strings (above) with a traditional supper as enjoyed during the period of the Civil War.  The meal was planned by Marie Roberts, founder of a local group of the Order of the Confederate Rose.  The Dixie Strings were made available by Claudia Beatty, a member of the General Joe Wheeler Chapter #966 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (know as the UDC).

Classroom education presented the next day.

Ron Fox and UDC ladiesLarry Hammack and John Rogers

Pictures of the classroom instruction are not available but classroom instructors and ladies of the UDC are shown here in the bivouac area on Saturday.

On Saturday visitors, staff & the children were welcome to tour the area, ask questions and view a little of the life of the soldier at that time.  The UDC ladies operated a tent with stories, questions and answer sessions and other presentations.

Bivouac, Reenactment, Flyover, Cannons & a Theatrical Group on Saturday!

Spencer Jackson Troupe
On Saturday the Spencer & Jackson Theatrical Groupe presented their show for all those interested.  Each of the areas, the bivouac, Spenser Jackson group, cannons firing and tents for stories and questions/answers of the attendees repeated their program periodically so attendees could move from one area of interest to another and enjoy all.  Leanne England setup the Spencer Jackson group for us.  Thank you Leanne!

Lori StoverPeriod dress

Most of the UDC ladies wore period dress as shown on these two ladies left and right.  On the right is Claudia Strickland.

Lori Stover, President of the Gen. Joe Wheeler Chapter of the UDC (left) coordinated the ladies participation in this event.  Thank you Lori!

Cannons firing

FlyoverRon Fox

The cannons firing (above), the flyover, and the bivouac area were big hits at the show.  Ron Fox is shown on the right with the items he had available for demonstration.

Cannon group

Camp 1708 owes a debt of gratitude to all those whose participation helped make the event a success.  The cannon group on the right with a couple members of our Camp Shane Strickland (left) and John Rogers (2 from left).  Shane and John were instrumental in setting up this event, coordinating activities as well as participating.  Thank you gentlemen!

A big "thank you" to Marie Roberts who provided all these pictures.