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Camp Meetings

The Camp 1708 meets the second Thursday each month at 6:30 PM.  Our regular meetings are held at JB's Restaurant, 6810 E Main in Mesa.  A map is available to help you locate JB's Restaurant,
Camp 1708's meeting place

Meetings are open to anyone interested.


New Member Jason Stratton Inducted, June 2018

Jason Stratton inducted
At our June 2018, new member Jason Stratton was inducted into the SCV, Camp 1708.  He immediately volunteer to take on duties to help the Camp.  Welcome Jason!!!

Jin Skaggs Inducted

Jim Skaggs Induction
At the January 2018 meeting Jim Skaggs (shown above right) was inducted by Camp Commander Matthew "Top Knot" Flood (left above).  Welcome Jim!!!

New Member Induction

Wayne George inducted

In December, 2017, The Camp welcomed a new member.  Shown is Camp Commander Matthew "Top Knot" Flood (L) with Wayne George following his induction as a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp 1708.  Welcome, George!!

September, 2017, Two New Members Installed

George del Castillo inductedChristine Gardinller inducted
On the left is Commander Flood presenting a Membership Certificate to our new member George del Castillo (r).

On the right Commander Flood presents Christine "Shaggy" Gardinller with an Associate Membership.

Welcome George and Chris!!!!!!

New Camp Officers Installed

Officer Installation

New officers were installed during the December, 2016, meeting.  From left to right the new officers are: Larry Hammack, Lt. Commander; Matthew "Top Knot" Flood, Commander; and John Rogers, Adjutant.  Officers serve two year terms.
Commander Flood appointed Keith Roberts as the new Chaplain.

May, an Outstanding Presentation

Rogers and Hammack
Adjutant John Rogers, left, and Graves Registrar Larry Hammack gave an Outstanding presentation entitled "The Civil War in Arizona" going back to the Texas revolution, the gadsden purchase, the cesession of the Ariaona Territory ending with the battle at Picacho Peak. The presentation was complete with an interesting number of illustrations in their PowerPoint show.  Thanks gentlemen!

March, a National Visitor and an Induction

Paul GramlingInduction of Richard Chall

Left, Paul Gramling, a candidate for Lt. Commander in Chief nationally and his wife visited our Camp.

Right, Commander Capps inducting Richard Chall, Jr.  Welcome Richard!!

February 2016, and Induction and Officer Installation

Adjutant Rogers installation Col. Martin induction

On the left, new Camp Adjutant John Rogers installed by Commander Capps.

On the right is the induction of a new Camp member, Col. Joe Martin.  Welcome Joe!

Commander Capps Installed For this Year

Commander Capps
Commander Capps, who was unable to attend the December meeting was installed for the 2016 fiscal year by Lt. Commander Matthew "Top Knot" Flood.  Adjutant elect John Rogers was still recovering from surgery and will be installed in February.

Lt. Commander Flood Installed For The Coming Year

Lt Commander Flood installed
Lt. Commander Matthew "Top Knot" Flood (left) installed by out-going Adjutant Lynn Crawford.  Commander Capps was out of town and the new Adjutant, John Rogers was recovering from surgery.  Both will be installed in January by Lt. Commander Flood.

Dennis Jackson inducted, September, 2015

Dennis Jackson
Dennis Jackson (right) listens as Commander Capps performs the induction ceremony.  Welcome Dennis, we are glad to have you.

New member Marc Doolittle inducted, June, 2015

Mark Cassidy inducted
Mark Doolittle (left) with his certificate shown right after being inducted as new member of Camp 1708 by Commander Capps shown on the right.  Welcome Mark!

Two new members inducted in May 2015

Induction ceremony

This month the Camp was privileged to induct two new members shown above as the Chaplin administered the oath. On the left is Ron Cipolla and then next is Rich Rodgers.  Chaplin George Reece, on the right, shown administering the oath.
Welcome gentlemen!  We are delighted to have you.


On the right is Chis who has served as our wait staff at JB's restaurant at every meeting since we have been going to the restaurant. Thank you Chis for putting up with all of us.  And, a note to the wise, be careful guys she gives as good as she gets."

New Member inducted in February 2015

New member Al Cain

The Camp welcomes new member Al Cain shown on right after being sworn in by Camp Commander Bob Capps.  We are glad to have you Al!

2014-2015 Officers Installed

New officers installed 

From left to right Commander Bob Capps, Lt. Commander Matthew Flood, Adjutant Lynn
Crawford and outgoing Lt. Commander Larry Hammack.

October New Member Induction

Jim Johnson induction

We inducted another new member, Jim Johnson, at the October meeting.  He is shown at left in the center with his certificate.  On the left is Commander Capps and Chaplin Reece is shown on the right.  Welcome, Jim, we are delighted to count you as one of our members.

Some members present
We continued our study of the Educational CD available on the Public Education page on our website with the third session.  This study will continue for several more meetings.  Some of the members present are shown on the right, from left to right are Matthew Aparicio, Jim Johnson, John Rogers, Shane Strickland, George Reece, Bob Capps, Matthew Flood and Keith Roberts hair and hat.

September, 2014

Matthew Flood following inductionNew Member Inducted

Matthew Flood, better known as "Top Knot" was inducted into Camp 1708.  Top Knot serves as the Camp Sergeant At Arms and has done an outstanding job for the Camp as such.  Welcome Top Knot!!

The Other Side of the Coin Continues

The Camp held the second lesson in the "Other Side of the Coin," the South's view of the War Between the States.  The Camp had a very lively and educational discussion on the history of these United States from their founding up until the beginning of the war.  Material for these classes - which will continue each month at the Camp meeting - is taken from the CD available to history teachers and residing here on our website.

Kent Worley presenting certificate

Camp wins an award

Kent Worley presents an award to the Camp given by Reidsville UDC ladies of Rockingham County Chapter 586 for our part in helping them with their effort to restore the Confederate soldier monument.  The monument now sits on a plot of land owned by the North Carolina chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy in the city-owned Greenview Cemetery.

Come Join us

Visitors are always welcome at our Camp meetings.  Information available at the top of the page.

April, 2014

Mark Guyton receiving certificate

Mark Guyton, on the right, receives his membership certificate from Camp Commander Jim Gibson. Welcome Mark!

March, 2014

March meeting

Commander Gibson presented the battle of White Sulfur Springs on August 26 & 27, 1863, as reported by the Union Commander and the Confederate Commander by comparing their actual reports of the two commanders.  Some of the members present are shown listening to Commander Gibson.

February, 2014, New Member & Guest

New member Jim Pico

New Camp member Jim Pico (far right) is inducted by Commander Gibson. Jim is a Canadian and will be quick to let you know he is from Southern Canada. Welcome Jim, we are glad to have you. Camp member Brent Goss's father, Andy Strickland, was visiting and gave a report on his home Camp. He is a member of the Zebulon Vance Camp 15 in Asheville, North Carolina.

January, 2014, Members Honored

Mike Agnew receives National award

The SCV Nationally awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and Certificate to Mike Agnew for his service in planning and setting up the National Workshop held in Mesa during June, 2013.  Commander Gibson congratulates Mike on his award.

George Reece receives 25 year pin

On the right, Commander Gibson congratulates George Reece as he receives his pin for 25 years of service to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Shane accepts Claudia's certificate

Shane Strickland accepts a Certificate of Appreciation presented by the Camp to his wife, Claudia, for her work auditing the Camp's financial records for the fiscal year, 2012/13.  Thank you Claudia!  This award was presented in front of Capt. Granville Oury's grave in the Adamsville cemetery.

December, 2013, Induction & Co-meeting with 2233

Camp flag presentationBrian Hobby inductedCamp 1708 presented Camp 2233 with the Camp flags.  On the left is Tom Todd, Commander of Camp 2233 as he accepts the flags shown from Camp 1708 Commander Carter Powers.

On the right, new member Brian Hobby is inducted and pictured with Brian (on right) are Commander Powers and Chaplin George Reece.

New Camp officersNew officers were installed at this meeting to serve the Camp for the next year.  They are (from left to right): Lynn Crawford, Adjutant; Jim Gibson, Commander; Rob Guyton, Lt. Commander; Bob Capps, Treasurer; Matthew Aparicio, 2nd Lt. Commander; and outgoing Commander Carter Powers.

Carter awards

On the right, Commander Gibson expresses the Camp's appreciation to outgoing Commander Powers for his leadership this past year.  Thank you, Carter!

November, 2013, Inductions & Awards

Bill Herndon induction

Bill Herndon was presented his membership certificate by Camp Commander Carter Powers following his induction ceremony during the November meeting of Camp 1708.  Welcome Bill!!!

During this meeting, the Camp adopted changes to our Bylaws, see the Bylaw page, and awards were presented to a couple of members.  See below.

Reece national awardMatthew Flood membership

On the left Commander Powers presented a National Distinguished Service Medal and certificate to George Reece for setting up the National Workshop in June.  Mike Anew received an identical medal.

On the right, Matthew Flood receives his membership certificate as an Associate Member.

September, 2013, Induction

Brent Goss Induction

At the September, 2013, regular Camp meeting 17 people attended and a lot of time was spent on pending Camp business.  A highlight of the meeting was the induction of new Camp member Brent Goss.  His father is a SCV member back east so we were glad to have the new generation joining our Camp.  Welcome Brent!

August, 2013 Life member and 25 year member recognized

Robert Wilbanks receiving 25 year pinFred Carrington receiving Life membership certificate

On the left, Robert Wilbanks (left), our Camp Founder, receives his 25 year pin from Commander Powers.

On the right, Fred Carrington (left) receives his Life membership certificate and pin.

June, 2013, Camp inducts a new member & presents awards

Shane Strickland inducted

At the June meeting the Camp inducted a new member (left), Shane Strickland.  Welcome Shane!  Shane immediately became active by participating in a couple of committee assignments.

Award presentation

The Camp also presented awards to George Reece and Mike Agnew (right) for all their hard work and many hours devoted to making the 2013 Division Convention and National Leadership Conference successful.  Shown are Commander Powers (left), George Reece, and Mike Agnew.  Thanks guys, very much!

Reece and Wilbanks

Left is George Reece, Robert Wilbanks, our Camp founder, and Keith Roberts.

Agnew and Baumack

At right is Mike Agnew and Fred Baumack.

April, 2013

April induction of John Craig

In the April meeting Commander Powers (on the right) inducted a new member into Camp 1708.  His name is John Craig and his ancestor, Pvt. George Madison Crook, served in the 2nd Mississippi Parisian Rangers

Welcome, John, we are delighted to have you.

March, 2013 Meeting

March 2013 meeting 1

Part of the group attending the March 2013 meeting at the Old Chicago restaurant on Alma School Road.

Members are intently studying plans for the Division Convention and the National Leadership Conference to be held in Mesa, AZ, this coming June.

March Camp Meeting

Another view of the room.  This room in the Old Chicago restaurant is much larger than our previous meeting location.  Members seated along the back at the right side of this picture are not in either picture.

Our apologies to them.

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