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2018 Confederate Memorial Day

2018 Confederate Memorial Ceremony
Camp 1708 Honored the service and life of Corporal Calvin D. Gardner, Company A, 8th South Carolina Infantry, CSA, buried in the Tempe Double Butte Cemetery.

Gardner gravesiteBugler

On the left is Corp. Gardner's gravestone and on the right is Hans Jessen, bugler.

The Camp is indebted to Hans Jessen of the Arizona Buglers who has played Taps at the close of the Memorial Service for several years now.

The Hunt for Stanwix Station

Hunt for Stanwick Station
 On April 7th 2018 this eclectic crew of historians made their way through rough desert terrain in search of Stanwix Station.  A stagecoach stop on the Butterfield Stage Route through Arizona where the Westernmost Civil War Confrontation Occurred.

Pictured Left to Right Are:   Bob Harvey (SUVCW); Paul Tippit (SCV); John Rogers (SCV); Derek Horn (SUVCW); Dr. Robert Massey (SCV); Bob Cox (SUVCW); Marie Roberts (Chuck Wagon); Sue Ann Tolly (Writer); Matthew (Top Knot) Flood (SCV); Phyllis Smith (Arizona Archaeological Association); Dr. Massey's Grandson James (Trail Guide); Roger Hiestand (SCV). Photo taken by Keith Roberts (SCV).  Note: Some of these participants represent multiple organizations, and, not all participants are included in the photo.

Camp Members celebrate Confederate Flag Day in Tombstone

			Flag Day in Tombstone

Tombstone Flag Day 2018

Camp Members traveled to
Tombstone to participate in
Camp 1710's Confederate
Flag Day event.

Tombstone Flag Dag

Camp Members Participate in Prescott Veterans Day Parade

Prescott parade

Prescott Day Parade

Camp Commander Matthew Flood (L), Adjutant John Rogers, Cadet Jedidiah Rogers with Camp 2316 members and Whisky Row Marauders (Indian Wars reenacters) at the Prescott Veterans Day Parade, 2017. The Marauders helped fill out our ranks.

Camp Members attend 1017 Territorial Days Celebration

Territorial Days Setup Territorial Days Members

Dressed in period garb, Lt. Commander Larry Hammack (Confederate) and Adjutant John Rogers (Union) attend the 2017 Territorial Days Celebration in Tucson Arizona representing Camp 1708.

2017 Confederate Memorial Day Celebration

2017 Confederate Memorial Day celebration
The Camp celebrated the life and service of CSA Pvt. Thomas Cowan Barkley, Co. A, 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry buried in the Tempe Double Butte Town Cemetery on Confederate Memorial Day.  Above Lt. Commander Larry Hammack presents biographical information on Pvt. Barkley.

Part of the groupBugler Hans Jessen

On the left are part of those attending the celebration.  At the end of the service bugler Hans Jessen (rright) played taps which was very moving for all in attendance.

Confederate Flag Run

Ndewspaper article
Camp 1708 conducted a Confederate Flag Run through the East Valley.

(Click on the picture to make it readable.)

Camps participating included 1202, 1708, 2251, and 2316.

More information and pictures on the newspaper website found here.

Lee Jackson Celebration

Lee Jackson winner
Camp members attended a luncheon celebrating the births of General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson hosted by the Col. Sherod Hunter Camp 1525 on the 21st of January, 2017.
Each year the Camp benefits from a private raffle tradition started by Mike Agnew and George Reece.  The raffle auctions off a bottle of Rebel Yell with all proceeds going to our Camp.
Above Camp Commander Matthew "Top Knot" Flood presents the bottle to this year's winner Arizona Division Lt. Commander Bill Long.

Camp visits namesake's gravesite

Camp 1708 and visitors held a brief ceremony at the gravesite of our namesake, Capt. Granville Oury, in Adamsville Cemetery on the outskirts of Florence, Arizona.  While in Florence, the Camp also visited his home and the new Confederate Library established in Florence by Camp 2251.  Capt. Oury's residence is listed in the National Historic Register.

Lt. Commander Hammack telling Oury's story Gen. Joe Wheeler Chapter 966, UDC, ladies present
On the left Lt. Commander Larry Hammack telling Capt. Oury's impressive story.  Details are here.

On the right are shown the ladies of Gen. Joe Wheeler Chapter #966 of the UDC who honored us with their attendance.

Bugler Hans JessenSign at Cemetery entrance

On the left is shown bugler Hans Jessen who graciously attended our event and played a beautiful rendition of taps.

On the right is a picture of Lt. Commander Hammack (L) and Commander Matthew "Top Knot" Flood with the sign at the entrance to the Cemetery.

A special "Thank You" to Keith Roberts who provided all of the above pictures of this event.

Newspaper article
Above is the newspaper article that appeared in the local Florence paper.

Camp members attend Jefferson Davis Monument Celebration

Several Camp members attended the Jefferson Davis Memorial held by Camp 2251 on Highway 60 east of Apache Junction.  Pictured above on the right end are Adjutant Rogers and George Reece.  Other members not shown who attended were Commander Elect Matthew "Top Knot" Flood, Chaplin Keith Roberts and Lynn Crawford.

Installing an iron cross on a gravesite

iron cross on gravesite
Larry Hammack, graves registrar for the Camp installed an iron cross on the grave of Pvt. Manchester Maxwell, Co. G, 13th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA buried in the Flagstaff Citizens Cemetery.

Confederate Memorial Day, 2016

Memorial Day 2016 aMemorial Day 2016 b
Confederate Memorial Day, 2016, was celebrated at the gravesite of Pvt. Martin V. Worthington, 1st Regiment, Co. A, Arkansas Mounted Rifles, CSA, in the Mesa City Cemetery.  The celebration was planned by Rich Rodgers, SCV Camp 1708 shown at the left in the left picture and next to him is Camp Commander Bob Capps.

In the right hand picture, left to right, is John Rogers, Adjutant, Lori Stover, President of the UDC Chapter 966, Claudia Beatty who provided several musical numbers during the event, and Bugler Hans Jessen.

Memorial Day ladies

Memorial Day groupLaying of the rosesAbove are the ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, UDC, Chapter 966, who attend our event.  Note the roses at the bottom of Pvt. Worthington's grave marker.

The UDC ladies do a ceremony known as the "Laying of the Roses" where each member places a rose at the base of the grave marker and state the name of their Confederate ancestor they are honoring.  See picture at right.  On the left are some of those in attendance.

Camp Member visits gravesite of Mrs. Granville Oury

Larry Hammack visiting gravesite
Capt. Granville H. Oury married his cousin, Malvina "Mina" Sanders, sometime in 1863.  Capt. Oury died 11 Jan. 1891, in Tucson, Arizona, and was buried in Adamsville near his home in Florence, Arizona.  Following his death his wife moved back to Seguin, Texas, where she died in 1912.  She is buried next to her brother, Sgt. Adam Sanders.

Larry Hammack, Camp Graves Registrar, while touring Texas, visited the gravesite of Capt. Granville H. Oury's wife in the Riverside Cemetery, Seguin, Guadalupe County, Texas.

2016 Lee Jackson Luncheon

Lee Jackson Luncheon
Members of Camp 1708 attended the Lee Jackson Luncheon held to honor the birthdays of Robert E. Lee (19 Jan. 1807), and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson (21 Jan. 1824). The luncheon was hosted by the Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525 and held at the Bobby Q's restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona Territory on 16 Jan. 2016.

Battle of Dragoon Springs Memorial

Dragoon Springs 2015

Members of Camp 1708 traveled to the site of the battle of Dragoon Springs to honor those who lost their lives three on 5 May 1862 during the Civil War.  On the left is 2nd Lt. Commander Matthew "Top Knot" Flood and next to him is John Rogers.

The battle of Dragoon Springs occurred in the area of the old Butterfield Overland Mail stagecoach station near present-day Benson, Arizona.  The battle was between Apache warriors and Confederate troops.  A band of about 100 Chiricahua Apache warriors led by Cochise attacked a Confederate group gathering stray cattle and killed three Confederate soldiers and a young Mexican stock herder.

On 9 May 1862 Captain Sherod Hunter the Confederate troops avenged the death of their fellow soldiers killing five Apaches and recapturing the stolen animals.  Three Butterfield Stagecoach employees, which were killed previously in 1858, were buried in the area so the casualties of Dragoon Springs were buried near those previously buried.

Confederate Memorial Day 2015

Confederate Memorial Day group

Dixie StringsConfederate Memorial Day headstoneCamp 1708 honored Pvt. John N. McBrayer, 1st Alabama Infantry, C. S. A. and others buried in the Mesa City Cemetery on Confederate Memorial Day, 2015.  Above is a picture of the group.On the left the Dixie Strings who played for us.  On the right is a picture of his headstone.  Thanks to Matthew "Top Knot" Flood and Bob Capps for the pictures.

The American Civil War in the Southwest Trail

Certificate from Jim Head to Bob Capps

Picacho Peak State Park held a dedication ceremony to inaugurate "The American Civil War in the Southwest Trail".  This marks the completion of the memorial trail at Picacho Peak.  Ranger Jim Head, one of our Camp members, presents a certificate to Commander Capps for the Camp's support financially and with labor by members Shane Strickland, Matthew Flood, Bob Capps, and John Rogers. Thanks guys and a BIG thank you Jim and the Arizona State Parks for making the trail a reality.

2015 Lee  ̶  Jackson luncheon celebration.

2015 Lee Jackson attendees
Shown above are (L to R) Lynn Crawford, George Reece and Mike Agnew Camp 1708 members who attended the luncheon.  George and Mike conducted a private auction of two bottles of Rebel Yell at the event and gave the proceeds, $53.00, to our Camp general fund.

Jefferson Davis Highway Monument Celebration

2014 Jefferson Davis Celebration

Camp 1708 along with the UDC Chapter 966 ladies celebrated the placement of the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway Marker on US 60 and Peralta Road.  A special thank you to Mike Agnew (right end above) for cleaning up the site prior to the ceremony.  Also a thank you to Mike Agnew and Lori Stover (blue dress in the middle) for presenting the history of the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway markers to those present.  Two ladies of the UDC were also inducted at this ceremony.  Several others (not shown) were also in attendance.

Distinguished Service Award presented to Jim Head

Jim Head receiving award
Jim Head, a member of Camp 1708, was awarded the Distinguished Service Metal by the Sons of Confederate Veterans for his efforts in making the public more aware of the Civil War in Arizona.  Shown above presenting the award to Jim Head on behalf of the National organization of the SCV is Camp 1708 Commander Bob Capps on the right.

Congratulations Jim!!!

Confederate Memorial Day

Confederate Memorial Day is 26 April 2014. We observe Confederate Memorial Day not only because these men and women were our ancestors but also because they were veterans.

Our modern times "Memorial Day" in May stems from "Decoration Day" which originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War.

In 1910 by act of the US Congress (P.L. 38, 59th Congress, Chap. 631-34 Stat. 56) equal status was awarded to Veterans of the CSA and Veterans of the USA.  So Confederate soldiers who died are "veterans."

Memorial Day 2014 
Memorial Day, 2014, was a wintery, blustery day but the Camp had a good attendance.  All pictures by Marie Roberts and Pat Crawford.  Thank you ladies!

Pvt. Jesse Morrison's gravesite

Confederate Memorial Day this year was held at the grave of Pvt. Jesse P. Morrison honoring him and all the Veterans buried in Double Butte Cemetery. The gravesite looks nice with the addition of new stone and the iron cross, both installed by the Camp.  More about the history on this gravesite.  Camp 1708 installed iron crosses at all 14 gravesites in this cemetery.


The UDC ladies provided live fiddling.  On the left is Claudia Beatty and her friend, Marina Radnor playing Dixie.

Here is a 25 minute video of the 2014 Confederate Memorial Day Celebration

Be patient, it takes several minutes to load due to the size of the file.

We are indebted to Bill Weaver in Leisure World for his help in developing this video.  Thanks Bill!

2014 Picacho Peak State Park Reenactment

Induction ceremony Troop during reenactment

Picacho Peak State Park schedules a reenactment each year commemorating the skirmish near there during the War Between the States which draws a large crowd every time.  During the event this year, a new member, Mark Guyton, was inducted into Camp 1708 (above left).  Above right is a shot of the troops moving forward during the reenactment.

Cannon during the 
			reenactmentJerry & 
			Pat Minnis

Above left, while there were no cannon employed during the Picacho Peak battle, the park also reenacts a couple of battles which occurred in New Mexico as both New Mexico and Arizona were part of the territory at the time.  Above right, Camp member Jerry Minnis and his wife Pat among those touring the battle area.

Camp attends Lee Jackson Dinner

Lee Jackson guests Camp members attending
Division Adjutant Curt Tipton, Stacy & Ted McSwain are among the guests, on left.

On the right are some attending, left to right, Mike Agnew, Ron Fox, Commander Jim Gibson, George Reece and John Rodgers.

Memorial on the 122nd Anniversary of Capt. Granville's Oury's Death

Members present
Members and guests present during the Memorial event at the Adamsville Cemetery located west of Florence, Arizona.

Oury gravesite Firing a volley

On the left is Capt. Oury's gravesite as it currently looks.  On the right, members fired a volley in salute of Capt. Oury and then a second time as a salute to all those Americans who have served their country in the military.

Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway marker Celebration, 2014

Jefferson Davis Highway Memorial marker Members present at ceremony
On the left is the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway marker located on US 60 and Peralta Road east of Gold Canyon.  On the right are Camp members and UDC ladies present.

UDC ladies presentCoins on the marker
On the left are the ladies present during our Celebration (L to R) Pat Crawford, Claudia Beatty and Stacy McSwain all of UDC Chapter #966.  There is an interesting legend concerning leaving coins to help the departed in the afterlife & there were coins on the marker when the Camp arrived for this celebration.

SCV Camp 1708 attends the UDC Christmas Party

UDC Christmas Party

Representatives of the Camp attended the UDC Chapter #966 Christmas Party held at the Landmark Restaurant in downtown Mesa. Some of those attending are shown in the picture at right.

UDC Chapter #966 Celebrates 10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary Celebration

Nine members of the SCV Arizona Division representing 3 different Camps as well as the Division attended the 10th Anniversary Birthday Celebration of Gen. Joe Wheeler, UDC Chapter #966, in Chandler, Arizona. Three members of Camp 1708 were present. The ladies, shown above, are great supporters of the SCV's activities throughout Arizona.

2013 Memorial Day Celebration with UDC Chapter #966

Memorial celebration 2013SCV Camp 1708 celebrated Confederate Memorial Day with the General Joe Wheeler, Chapter #966 of the UDC in 2013 honoring Private Bennett Asberry McClendon who served with the 36th Mississippi Infantry along with all the other Confederate Veterans buried in the Mesa City Cemetery.

Rifle Salute Honor Guard

The Honor Guard and Rifle Salute were provided by Co. L, 1st Texas Infantry and Co. D, 5th Texas Infantry.

Thank you, gentlemen!

Ladies of the UDC

Special recognition to the General Joe Wheeler Chapter #966, United Daughters of the Confederacy who are assembled here following their "Laying of the Roses" ceremony.  In this ceremony the ladies leave a rose for each of their Confederate Veteran ancestors on the grave of Pvt. McClendon.

Thank you, ladies.

At the close of the Memorial Service Taps was played by Hans Jessen (center) of the Arizona Buglers.
Playing of Taps

Globe Cemetery Event Honoring Buffalo Soldiers & Confederate Veterans

Globe Cemetery Event
In April, 2013, a ceremony was conducted to honor Buffalo Soldiers and Confederate Veterans buried in the Globe City Cemetery.  Both have signs next to one another on a hill looking over the Globe City Cemetery honoring the veterans buried there.

The event was celebrated by the American Legion Post 27, Honor Guard, which fired a 21 gun salute to the fallen veterans and ended the ceremony with a beautiful rendition of Taps played by a member of their group.

The event was planned by the SCV Camp 1708 and the Buffalo Soldiers of the Arizona Territory.  Joining the American Legion, SCV Camp 1708 members and the Buffalo Soldiers were ladies of Chapter #966 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Confederate Veterans sign
After setting the two stones marking the gravesite of the two Confederate Veterans (see story below) the Camp requested permission to place a sign on the hill since there was already one for the Buffalo Soldiers on the hill.  The City of Globe graciously consented.

Commander Powers set about getting the sign made and members of the Camp helped set it up.

Planners of the event

Lt. Commander Gibson contacted Fred and Michelle Marable, the founders of the Buffalo Soldiers of the Arizona Territory, and explained that there were some other gravesites of Buffalo Soldiers which were not located in the cemetery, a fact the Camp discovered in its research of the cemetery.  We asked if they would like to participate in a ceremony with us commemorating the veterans gravesites.

They were delighted we asked and together they planned the ceremony.

Close up of some
Camp 1708 and the Buffalo Soldiers contacted the American Legion in Apache Junction and they jumped at the chance to have their Honor Guard participate.  The American Legion Honor Guard fired a twenty-one gun salute honoring veterans buried in the cemetery and one of their members played a moving rendition of taps at the conclusion of the ceremony.

State members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy were also contacted to see if they would like to participate.  A large group of members of the UDC, Chapter #966, attended the event.

Group posed In this picture many of the groups represented were posed on the hill top by Marc Marin with the Copper Country News.  Somewhere between 40 and 50 people were present as these veterans were honored.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp 1708, extends a big Thank You to all those who participated!

News Articles

Here is an interesting article about an activity of Camp 2316, the Pvt. C. W. Lucas SCV camp in the Prescott, Arizona, Daily courier.

Camp 1708 made the Copper Country News paper with our setting of stones to mark Confederate Veterans graves.  |
Read All About It!

2013 Picacho Peak Re-enactment

Picacho Peak Re-enactment Picacho Peak Reenactment
This year was the 151th anniversary re-enactment of the battle of Picacho Peak during the War Between the States.

On the left is the SCV booth offering a variety of souvenirs.

On the right are some of the younger generation enjoying the festivities.

Picacho Peak reenactment Picacho Peak re-enactment

Some of the re-enactors preparing themselves for the battle to come along with spectators on the left.

On the right are some of the Members of Camp 1708 who attended.

Picacho Peak re-enactment Picacho Peak re-enactment

On the left is a view of the bivouac area and on the right, another view of the troops getting ready.  The 5th Texas Headquarters tent is shown on the left with the blue flag.

Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway Marker 2012 Celebration

The Memorial marker is located just east of mile marker 204 and at the exit on a junction of a proposed bypass to be developed around Gold Canyon. This monument was originally near Duncan installed in the 1940s by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It is a part of a chain of monuments stretching across the South along the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway. It was moved to its present location in 1962.  It is celebrated each year by the UDC and the SCV.  In 2012 the celebration was sponsored jointly by Camp 1525 and Camp 1708 along with the UDC.  Members present are shown below.

Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway Marker 

From left to right in the picture above are John Rogers, Larry Billar, Jim Cigan, Matthew Aparicio, his sister and father, Carter Powers, Jim Gibson, and Tom Todd.  Billar and Cigan are members of Camp 1525 along with Dan Huskisson not pictured.  The others are from Camp 1708 along with George Reece and Ron Fox who attended but also not pictured.  Thanks to Ron Fox for the pictures.

Now, there are two!

Two lonely graves of Confederate veterans set on the hill in the Globe Cemetery. 

Camp 1708 set a stone marker at the gravesite of Pvt. Wesley Lancaster, who has been buried in an unmarked grave for nearly almost a century.  Pvt. Lancaster served with the Confederate Army’s 36th Texas Cavalry in Company D.

The East Valley Tribune posted a story about this on Friday, November 2, 2012 and here is a link to that article.  It is also available in .pdf format.

 Two grave markers

On the right, two lonely markers of their graves, Isom Nichols (left) and Wesley Lancaster.

Pictures taken while installing the grave marker for Wesley Lancaster are shown in the block below entitled "Marking Confederate Graves."

Fort Tuthill reenactment

Fort Tuthill reenactment Fort Tuthill camp membersLeft is a photo of the 1st and 5th Texas reenactors that participated in the Southwest Civil War Association Reenactment Event held at Ft. Tuthill in Flagstaff, Arizona the 22 & 23 of September 2012.

The four members of Camp 1708 that participated are from left, Ron Fox, Carter Powers, Bookard Dooley, and Rob Guyton.  Pictures courtesy of Ron Fox.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy President General's Visit

Lt. Commander Powers presenting the gift

Close up of the bookThe National President of the UDC, Mrs. Edward Van Schaick, Jr., visited the
Phoenix area and was presented with a gift of a very old and rare book on the Civil War worth nearly a thousand dollars by our Camp on August 26, 2012.  The book was a gift for the UDC's Goodlett Memorial Library in Richmond, VA.  On the left is Lt. Commander Carter Powers presenting the book to the UDC President General. 

The book, "A History of the Civil War" by Benson J. Lossing, LLD., was published by The War Memorial Association in 1912.  It is pictured on the right.

Following the luncheon at the Gold Canyon Resort, the group of about 25 members of the SCV and the UDC traveled to the grave site of Capt. Granville Oury, our Camp's namesake, in Florence, Arizona.

Mrs. Van Schaick said the book would have a place of honor in the Goodlett Memorial Library and bear a plaque indicating is was a gift from Camp 1708, SCV.

Marking Confederate Graves

Working on Pvt. Isom J. Nichols Nickles marker

There was an unmarked Confederate gravesite in the Globe City Cemetery, Globe, Arizona.  The VA furnished a grave marker and Camp 1708 members installed it on the spot chosen by the City of Globe next to the Buffalo Soldiers area.

On 15 Jun 2012 members of Capt. Granville H. Oury Camp 1708 Scottsdale AZ. installed the headstone in honor of Pvt. Isom J. Nickles, Co. K 47th Tennessee Infantry at the Globe City Cemetery.  Pvt. Isom died in 1939 and has been without a well deserved headstone until now, he passed at 97 years.

We wish to thank John Potenza, AZ Div. Graves Registrar for the opportunity to do this.

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