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SCV AZ Div. Conventions

Arizona Camps rotate hosting the Division Convention each year.  Here is a recap of where each Convention was held, who hosted and what city since 2001.

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2017 Arizona Convention

Division award winners
During the Convention, Camp 1708 won the coveted
Lt. Col. John R. Baylor Distinguished Camp awarded to one Camp each year.

The Camp also received the
Brigadier General John Smith Preston Membership Retention Award

Sergeant Richard Rowland Kirkland Certificate of Achievements went to our Lt. Commander Larry Hammack and Adjutant John Rogers, shown above receiving their awards. 

The Lt. General Thomas J. Jackson Leadership Award was presented to Past Commander Robert Capps and Commander Matthew Flood.

Also of note, the Rose O’Neal Greenhow Ladies Appreciation Award
Mrs. Marie Roberts of the General Joe Wheeler Chapter 966 UDC, the wife of our Chaplin Keith Roberts.

Congratulations to each an all!

Mike Agnew accepting awardRebel Yell winner
George Reece and Mike Agnew received the Captain James H. Tevis Meritorious Service award.  On the left Mike is receiving their awards.  Mike Agnew was also put in charge of is the "Time and Place Committee" which is responsible for an orderly rotation of AZ Camps to host each years State Convention.

There were two bottles of Rebel Yell raffled off in a private auction with proceeds given to the Camp.  Both were donated by George and Mike.  Rebel Yell winner shown on right.

2016 Arizona Convention

Convention head table
Above is the head table at the 2016 Arizona Division Convention.  From left to right are Dan Huskisson, Commander Camp 1525 the hosting Camp; Dr. Robert Massey, Division Commander; Curt Tipton, Division Adjutant and Jim Gibson, Jefferson Davis Brigade Commander.

Members attending

Camp Members attending include from left to right on the left, Mike Agnew, Shane Strickland, George Reece, Lynn Crawford, Brian Hobby and Jerry Minnis.  On the right in between Crawford and Strickland is Adjutant John Rogers

2015 Arizona Convention

2015 Convention attendees

Above are members who attended the 2015 Division Convention in Tucson.  From left to right are the National Commander-In-Chief Charles Kelly Barrow, Lynn Crawford, Lt. Commander Matthew "Top Knot" Flood, Matthew Aparicio, George Reece, Commander Bob Capps, John Rogers and Mike Agnew.

Gift to the CIC Commander Capps Lee Award
On the left, Camp 1708 surprised CIC Barrow with a gift of a bottle of "Rebel Yell" properly labeled from the Arizona Division Convention.  CIC Barrow's daughter accompanied him and she is shown in the picture.

On the right, Commander Capps accepts the Robert E. Lee Recruiting Excellence award given to the Camp with the largest number of new members.

Winner John PotenzaWinner Dan Huskisson
Each year Mike Agnew and George Reece acquire a couple of bottles of "Rebel Jell" whiskey and conduct a private raffle of the two bottles then giving the proceeds to the Camp.  This year the Camp banked $85.00 from the raffle.  Thank you George and Mike!

On the left is winner John Potenza and winner Dan Huskisson is shown on the right.

Arizona Division 2014 Convention

Camp membersAbove Camp members attending the convention.

Distinguished Camp award

Camp 1708 wins the Lt. Colonel John R. Baylor Distinguished Camp Award as the Outstanding Camp in Arizona.  Division Commander Clyde England (left), Lt. Commander Rob Guyton (center holding up three fingers for three years in a row), and Division Adjutant Curt Tipton.

Host flag

The reunion was hosted by the Pvt. C.W. Lucas--Forrest's Escort Camp 2316, in Prescott, A.T. on 17 May 2014.  Their Camp flag was proudly displayed.


Past Commander Carter Powers receives the Captain James H. Tevis Meritorious Service Award award from Division Commander England and Division Adjutant Tipton.  Other members of this Camp receiving this award but not pictured were James Head and Matthew Aparicio.

Matthew Flood

Camp Sergeant-at-Arms Matthew "Top Knot" Flood receiving the Major Heros von Borke Associate Member Award from the Division Commander England and Division Adjutant Tipton.

Divison Officers and Camp Commanders

On the right is a picture of the Division Commanders and Camp Commanders of the Arizona Division past and present.

Rebel Yell winnerRebel Yell winner
On both sides are pictures of this year's Rebel Yell winners with Mike Agnew.  On the left is Dan Huskisson and the right is Glenn Meek.  Mike Agnew and George Reece hold a private auction offering attendees a chance at two bottles of Rebel Yell.  Then they donate the proceeds to the Camp.  Thanks Mike and George!

AZ Div. 2013 Convention

Camp 1708 was honored to host these two events: the 19th Annual Arizona Division Convention for 2013 and the National Leadership Conference the following day, both at the Windemere Hotel & Conference Center in Mesa Arizona.

Camp 1708 members at State Convention

The above Camp members attended the 2013 State Convention.

The back row, standing from left to right are Matthew Flood, John Rogers, Barney Mullins, Kevin Brown, Rob Guyton, National Lt. Commander-in-Chief Kelly Barrow, Jerry Minnis, George Reece, Mike Agnew, and Keith Roberts.  Front row, left to right are Adjutant Lynn Crawford, Lt. Commander Jim Gibson, Commander Carter Powers, and Chaplin Larry Hammack.

1708 wins top 2 awards for 2nd consecutive year!

For the 2nd year in a row, Camp 1708was the winner of the top two awards given by the Arizona Division:
Lt. Colonel John R. Baylor Distinguished Camp Award for the Outstanding Camp
and the
General Robert E. Lee Membership Award for recruitment and retention.

Top awardAttendees at Convention

On the left is Commander Carter Powers receiving the Distinguished Camp Award from Division Commander Clyde England.

On the right is one view of Convention attendees.

More attendeesAn additional view

Both sides are additional views of Convention attendees.

Camp 1708 tableUDC ladiesOn the left is Camp 1708's table at the Convention.

On the right are UDC leaders present.  From left to right are Janet Grams Chapter #1679, Stacy McSwain Chapter #966, and Paula England Chapter #2683, and SCV Lt. Commander-in-Chief Kelly Barrow.

Rebel Yell winnersRebel Yell winner 2

Two members of Camp 1708, George Reece and Mike Agnew conducted a private raffle of three bottles of Rebel Yell.  The winners were John Magnum of Camp 2201, the New Mexico Div. Commander James Houghton, and Mrs. Stacy McSwain in blue above right.

Three other awards were received by members of Camp 1708, they were:
Kent Worley received the Captain James H. Tevis Meritorious Service Award,
Lynn Crawford, Lt. General Thomas J. Jackson Leadership Award and
Jim Gibson received the Sergeant Richard Rowland Kirkland Certificate of Achievement

A Special Thank You

Mike Agnew and his crew of George Reece and Larry Hammack planned and set up both the 19th Annual Division Convention and the National Leadership Workshop.  Both events were great successes due in large part to the hard work of these three gentlemen spending large amounts of time and many hours of phone calls.

Thank you, gentlemen, from every member of Camp 1708!

2013 National Leadership Workshop

For the first time ever the SCV National organization conducted a Leadership Workshop in Arizona.  This workshop was the day following the AZ Div. Convention and was also in Mesa.

Below left are Lt. Commander-in-Chief Kelly Barrow (seated) and Camp 1708 Commander Carter Powers opening the Workshop.  Below right are some of those attending the National Workshop.

National Leadership workshop leadersWorkshop attendees

The National Leadership Workshop's agenda included a review of the SCV long-term goals; training for Adjutants, Commanders, general members; and topics such as Public Relations and Administration.